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Individual Personal Training

To be fit and maintain an ideal bodyfat percentage, the three things that we need to address are


In other words:

Having a Personal Trainer ensures that you are approaching your fitness in the correct manner; that you are doing the right exercises, in the right amounts and at the right intensity.

We will keep you on the path to fitness, help you achieve the 'all important' consistency and won't let you make excuses! You'll be amazed the difference it makes having someone to be accountable to each week!

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Diana's athletic interests began with swimming when very young, then expanded to include cross country running and athletics. She competed in every inter-school athletics event right throughout high school, mainly in the 400m and 800m events. With a view to expanding her athletic skills, she joined the local tennis team and continued to play every season for the next 15 years.

SA Police

Entering the South Australian Police Academy in 1985, she remained in the Police Force for ten years. It was during this time that Diana began training for specific events with a view to entering the Police Games.


From 1995 life revolved around family and raising 3 children.

In 2004, Diana seriously got back into training making running her goal. It was during this time that she qualified as a Fitness Trainer.


Diana's training interest and focus lies with ATHLETICS, WEIGHT LOSS and training for SPECIFIC EVENTS. She mixes up her own training, and that of her clients, to include many adventurous pursuits, believing strongly that if "we are ‘out there’ we should make it count - every time."

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Nik has been a business owner his entire working life. He has owned and operated 3 of his own restaurants and worked in and managed numerous others. All his life he has been around food in the hospitality industry and has an extensive knowledge of food, cooking and nutrition.


Realising the important role that fitness and good nutrition play when raising a family, Nik has focussed on implementing good habits into the lives of his own family and to those of his clients.


Niks training interests are focussed on REHABILITATION, BODY BUILDING and NUTRITION. Having suffered most of his life with occupational postural issues that cause back pain, Nik trains himself to be pain free. Years of cooking in Restaurants and in the home for the family has enabled him to devise no nonsense strategies to help clients eat healthily on an everyday basis.

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