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anna today

"I have been with Recon Fitness Clinics for nearly 3 years. I was recommended Recon by a friend who, like me, was bored with the repetition of gym classes. Still to this day I am excited before every session as each session is different from the last, working different muscle groups and discovering new muscles all the time! Diana and Nik have given me more than I could ever have expected, not only a new passion for exercise, but education on the importance of food and diet. I have overcome many hurdles with much support from Diana, including body image and quitting a shocking addiction to chocolate. I feel better about myself than I have for many years, my thanks I owe to Diana who has motivated me to take care not only of myself but also my family"...........ANNA.


kylie today

I've never seen results in myself that I'm seeing today! I've been doing a mix of the indoor and outdoor sessions since September 2009 and have lost 16 kilos! I've had gym memberships in the past but they just seem to lose my interest. At Recon, I'm kept motivated by the variety of each session and I'm encouraged to reach my personal goals. I love the small group personal training and look forward to each session knowing how energised I'll feel at the end.
I highly recommend Recon Fitness...............KYLIE.


"Starting up at Recon Fitness Clinics has changed my perception of exercise. I never knew how enjoyable and rewarding group fitness and personal training could be. Before Recon I was "giving" money to a gym that after a few spurts of motivation I didn't even go to. At Recon, you WANT to be there and not miss a session because of the fun and benefits you know you're's addictive!
I was also one who thought I didn't have the time to completely commit myself to a workout program, but at Recon you WANT to find the easily becomes a part of your routine.
I trust Diana and Nik 100% when it comes to my workouts and , believe me, if you trust them and let them guide you, you will be doing things you never dreamed you could do! You get overwhelming support from Diana and Nik when it comes to fitness, diet and general friendship. I always feel I can ask anything and they'll explain the answer with knowledge and passion.
I can't stress enough, how much Recon Fitness Clinics has helped me improve my body AND mind. It's because of Diana and Nik and their beautiful caring personalities and knowledge that help you become a happier, healthier person"...........RENAE


anna today

RECONstruct, RECONdition and RECONnect your life- A good slogan, but definitely sums up my experience of Recon Fitness…………..

Do you think you are too big to exercise? Feel self conscious at the gym or never seem to make it there? Think you are too old or have too many health problems to exercise? Well, that was me not that long ago. A very overweight 110kg 40 year old woman with two young children, mulitple health problems including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Depression, Asthma. I knew I needed to do something to improve my health, but it all seemed too hard- physically, mentally and emotionally.

Di did an initial assessment of my general fitness, flexibility, strength and personal goals. I was expecting her to tell me that she couldn’t help me. Fortunately that wasn’t the case!

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I stumbled over Recon Fitness by chance after winning a competition at my children's school. I had very big doubts but decided to give a group personal training session a go. It was a decision that was to change my life but I didn’t know it at the time! I was struggling to walk let alone to run. My first session was a nightmare- couldn’t run the course, couldn’t lift more than 3 kg weights above my head, was out of breath after half a lap at a moderate walk, couldn’t do a push up off my knees and as for flexibility, well, don’t even go there. I was expecting a military style "boot camp" with much yelling and pushing to go beyond my limits. Instead there was encouragement, advice and highly motivating exercise.

Right from the start I felt welcome and supported. The other group members were so encouraging. Di was so motivating and unfailingly positive, structuring and adapting the group sessions so that I could participate to the best of my ability. In those early days, I felt like quitting so many times but Di encouraged me to persevere. The sessions were hard, pitched at just the right level so that I wasn’t totally scared off. I completed that first 6 weeks of training in the group twice a week and started to see some early results. I decided to combine group training with individual sessions with Di.

Di designed a home training program for me to follow at home to improve my overall strength and flexibility. I continued to train in small groups of 2-4 people. Training became as much a social occasion as it was a chance to exercise. I even began to look forward to training. Ever so slowly I started to lose weight. I noticed small changes at first, like I could lift my daughter when I couldn’t before, I could squat down to get something off the floor, I could hang washing out on the clothes line outside because I could now reach above my head. The biggest surprise was that I discovered I could actually jog and even more surprising, enjoyed it! My doctors were, and continue to be, amazed at just how active and strong I had become. Slowly the weights increased, my flexibility improved and I found that I was even able to keep up with others in the group in some areas. Di never seemed daunted, she has continued to adapt, modify and change my program according to my health and improving fitness. If I couldnt run we would use the bike; when my leg was in plaster, we worked on my core, upper body and strength in my other leg. My progress has not been without setbacks, Di has taught me that there is ALWAYS something you can do to exercise no matter what. She has helped me rehabilitate through a bruised hip bone, broken ankle, severe depression and numerous flares of my arthritis. If I couldn’t attend sessions at Recon, she would visit me at home or even in hospital.

Today I am 86 kg, still slowly losing weight and look forward to training sessions. Di has given me numerous ideas for healthy recipes and encouragement to keep my long term goals in mind. I can shoulder presss 7kg DBs, chest press 12.5 kg DBs, do sit ups, push ups (off my toes!), run on the treadmill, can squat down and continue to improve my strength, endurance and flexibility. Now, Turkish Getups, Burpees and Chin Ups are both a special joy and a major challenge, however I am optimistic that one day they will be conquered! Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and the sessions are structured to accommodate and improve these areas. No two sessions are the same, Di is always flexible, introducing new ideas and approaches to the sessions and they are certainly never boring. As a result of my journey with Recon Fitness, I am now able to particpate fully in my life and am a far happier, optimistic and healthier person.......JULIE.

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