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Have you been attending the gym for more than a year and find you are still doing the same program? Are you losing your motivation? Are you bored with generic training groups?

Recon Fitness Clinics custom design sessions to challenge each individual in every group.

Group Fitness Clinics

  • Strength,
  • Cardio,
  • Athletics,
  • Custom Sessions.

Cardiovascular exercise and Strength Training are vital to our health at all ages. The Clinic Schedule offers a variety of day and evening sessions that cater to all aspects of your training.

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Personal Training

A Personal Trainer will plan your sessions, help you set goals, motivate you, write your programs and most importantly....won't let you make excuses! Absolute privacy in a fully equipped Gym.

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FULL SERVICE Personal Training

How many times have you thought that if only you could have a 'full time' trainer, you would succeed in your goals?

By offering the unique combination of Gym, Outdoor, Group and One to One Sessions, Recon can make this a reality for you.

You can do ALL of your training with Recon. By combining the types of sessions you do, you can see your Personal Trainer 3, 4, 5 or even 6 times a week. Imagine how nice it would be to never have to worry about whether you are doing the right thing and never feeling guilty about being too unmotivated to get to the gym or go for that morning walk. You just book your sessions and turn up ready to go.

Session planning, progressive programming, fitness assessments and organisation are all taken care of by Recon. Enquire now. There are various options to suit most budgets.

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FA Accreditation - What does this mean?

Fitness Australia Accreditation means that Recon Fitness Clinics has been independently audited and found to comply with all aspects of the Fitness Industry Code of Practice.

Accredited Provider, FITNESS AUSTRALIA

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